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How to Advertise on Facebook
Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help promote your business. With modern advertising it's essential to communicate with consumers in personal ways. is obviously a wonderful way to penetrate consumer's personal networks.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

500 Million Ways to Make Money on Facebook

face profit_ebook

Facebook Marketing - Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign, 2nd Ed

Facebook Marketing - Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign, 2nd Ed

free e book to FacebookPrivacy

 free e book to FacebookPrivacy

How To Make Money With Facebook free e book

How To Make Money With Facebook free e book 

The Ethical Way To Make Money With Facebook free e book

The Ethical Way To Make Money With Facebook free e book 

Facebook Ads

Discover how Facebook Ads can help your business. Do you have a Facebook account? Over 400 million individuals worldwide do.

That's 400 million potential customers! As the most popular social networking web site in the world right now, Facebook has a massive community of users.
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As an advertiser you are able to use this to your advantage! Where else on the web can you've instant access to 400 million potential clients and be practically guaranteed that most of them will get a chance to see your advertisements?

Facebook understands this and has an ad plan for individuals like you who require high-level advertising space!                                                  
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But the plan is still fairly new and it is no walk in the park to be a part of. In case you want to get into this fantastic advertising opportunity you're most likely going to need my guide.

My guide will give you exclusive insight on how you can make the best of Facebook's ad program. You'll learn how you can create advertisements, how you can use the plan and how you can balance your costs.

You are not going to discover a more extensive guide to Facebook's ad plan anywhere else.


The Comments Box, when installed on your site, allows users to add comments using their facebook identity. This is a great way to get some conversation going on your articles or blogs because users are far more likely to have legitimate, honest conversation when their facebook identity is tied to their comments. When the user is logged in, they will see an empty comment box above all the previous comments posted to your page. The user can also choose to publish the comment box to their facebook profile and share it with all of their friends.
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Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a great little widget that will show any user what other people are up to on your site. This is ideal for a website that has multiple articles and pages being shared every day. You can put this Activity Feed on your home page and under ‘Recent Activity', it will be obvious to any user what other people are doing on your site. For this reason, your visitors are going to be more likely to view the popular content on your page if they see that other people are doing the same.
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Facebook Like Button

This is the button that you see next to many blog posts, articles, videos, and web apps anywhere on the web. The button tells you how many people ‘like this' and even tells you which of your friends ‘like this'. When somebody clicks the ‘Like' button, your website is shared on that user's friends' news feed, or all of their friends home page. Imagine if you can get somebody with 500 friends to ‘Like' your page. You are essentially gaining 500 additional opportunities to get noticed on the web. This button can be customized in different layouts, themes, sizes, and fonts.
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make money withe ads facebook

Facebook has proven its worth as part of most visited site on the internet today. It is one of the largest potential sources of traffic or visitors and transactions. It is considered to be more famous than Google in some countries. You've probably heard about India and China with 400 million users.
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This is a great opportunity to engage with your audience and potential market. So if you're not considering Facebook marketing as part of your business strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Here are some guides to make you Facebook marketing more effective
Identify first your audience. I suggest you localized your audience, targeting the world is a little extreme, especially if you're brand is just starting out.
Targeting choice. You should always set your options with big consideration on your brand first. For example if you have a service that can only cater in your location, make sue to select the relevant country, city, and language.                                           click here to get free face book coupon
Demographic approach. Consideration on location, age, and sex.
Special giveaways for their special day. Fortunately Facebook let the marketers grab the most efficient information from potential buyers. Offer them a free gift, reasonable enough for your profit.
Interests. It will be useless to do advertisement without those passionate followers, make sure you anticipate their responsiveness through their interest.
I always include simplicity as an important factor in your ads. Avoid complex sentences for easy comprehension, remember, you should think broad in doing your campaign.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why You Should Advertise On Facebook

Why You Should Advertise On Facebook
Why You Should Advertise On Facebook
There are many ways to advertise your business on the internet. But one of the most effective ways you can do this, is to advertise with Facebook. These days it seems like everyone has a Facebook page, and the number is growing by the thousands everyday. So why wouldn't you want to put your business in the direct spotlight of Facebook also. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey.

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Choose Your Target Wisely
When people use Facebook, they often give out tons of information about their gender, age, relationship status, interests, and hobbies found in their profile. Facebook lets advertisers pick from which groups you want your ads to reach. You can literally target all kinds of people all over the world with this high potent social machine.

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Get Customers Attention With Your Ads
You can have an outside source write your ad, or you can take it upon yourself to do so. But in which ever direction you go, you must make your ad stand outside among the rest. It can be very difficult to get your ad noticed, so you must craft it well. Be careful when you write your ad, because Facebook will not allow any offensive text.

Tip #3                                                       click here to get free facebook coupon
Set A Budget
When you advertise on Facebook, it can become expensive quickly. You need to sit down and carefully plan out how you are going to tackle this expense. Set a budget and stick to it. When you start to make sales, then you can reinvest that money back in your ad campaign.

Tip #4                                                       click here to get free facebook coupon
Bid For Ad Space
How much you are willing to pay for ads, is how Facebook determines which ads to display. This is done by using pay per click or per 1000 impressions. You must enter the most you will bid, and it will depend on what your competitors bid to determine on how much you will pay for that ad.

how to get a facebook ads coupon from facebook

how to get a facebook ads coupon from facebook

FaceBook Advertising $50 Credit for all new facebook accounts. We are big fans of the facebook system and are beginning to use it as a replacement for the other online ad networks. Facebook has more traffic and lower per click costs so it makes sense for all advertisers to try it out. You should try to use the CPM model to test ads, focusing on the image.

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free facebook ads coupon

So, out of the regular vouchers I get and sell, one of the coupon has a little damage and it’s last letter was teared. Now, I simply can’t provide this coupon to my buyers hence giving it absolutely free here. It’s a $50 Facebook Advertising coupon. It’s pretty self explanatory. You can advertise on Facebook upto $50 with the help of this coupon. All the general Facebook advertising rules and terms apply. The coupon code "click here" Facebook coupons are 16 characters, but as the last character can not be seen in the voucher, there are only 15 characters. However it should not be difficult because there are only 36 possible characters to put there (A-Z, 0-9). The voucher is completely genuine, and would work right away with proper character putting. Anyone who gets successful in redeeming it, please post here with at least a thanks so that me and other readers can know that it’s gone. Also, what was that “secret” character.
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Facebook Free Ad Coupon Codes

As an incentive for business and individuals to utilize the benefits of Facebook social ads, Facebook have released a number of free Facebook ads coupons, allowing you to try advertising on Facebook for Free!

These coupons are specifically to pay for social advertising which is low in cost anyway, so the coupons mean there is no excuse to have a shot at advertising on the biggest social networking site in the world!

These ads coupons allow you to use social advertising on Facebook for Free which means you can target very specific target audiences based on demographics and social actions, a must for any marketing savvy business.

With Facebook ads currently being partly funded through using free Facebook ad coupons, make your start with advertising on Facebook for free!

One way to get advertising on Facebook for Free is with a free advertising coupon worth $100, obtained by signing up to the Visa Business Network, all you need to do is login to Facebook and add the Visa Business Network Appliaciton.

Once you have added this Facebook will send you a coupon code with instructions on how to add credit to your account. The code should be something like FB-SES-NY and can only be redeemed by new Facebook accounts.

To use a free coupon to get ads on Facebook for Free take the following steps:

• Log into your Facebook ads account.
• Click on Billing within the ads manager.
• Click on the funding sources tab on the Billing summary page.
• Click on "Enter Coupon Code" and enter the code you have been given.
• Now you can create your ad and you have used the coupon.

If you want some more ads on Facebook for Free to take your count up to $250 in free Facebook ads,

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Facebook Ad Coupon

" Here" Facebook becoming giant player now on the internet. With population of more then 550 million user, it became the biggest platform user on internet where people can communicate one with another. On another side, I mean marketing side, it’s like targeting China as our target market. I bet you know how big the opportunity to target Facebook as your platform. Even better, Facebook give us, the marketer to target even easier than ever. They let us to target based on their database. They will let us choose whom we want to target our product, either based on sex, age, marital status, interest, company, etc. You only have to choose how big the market that you want to target. It’s an awesome method. On my previous post, I talked about using Google Adwords as your online marketing platform. Combine with Facebook ads, you will be the king on Internet.

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